The first style of handbag is the longchamp tote bags. This kind of fashion handbag can also be called a carry bag and it is what women use to contain their daily essentials, which a smaller bag like a clutch or small satchel cannot hold. Most women use one of these as their daily work bag.

The second style of fashion handbag is the clutch. A clutch is carried by hand because it has no handles, hence the bag's name. It makes any woman seem very lady-like and it usually contains the must-haves such as pressed powder, lipstick, some cash and a cell phone. It is often used for evening gatherings like dinner dates and other formal occasions.

The third style of longchamp fashion handbag is the satchel. It has one or two large straps that overlap each other and is placed across the shoulder around the body. It is most appropriate for office women or those already working. It can carry important files needed whenever there is an office conference or if they need to bring home some paperwork. Furthermore, this type of bag is also ideal for students who have books to read, notebooks to write in and other essential school materials. With the right style, satchels not only help in carrying important items but also create a fashionable look for any office woman or student.

The fourth style of fashion handbag is the duffel bag, often used by travelling women. It has huge compartments which can hold clothes, toiletries, shoes and other things that are necessary for a woman to carry when going on a trip.

The last style of handbag is called a hobo. This particular style of handbag has lately been tagged as an over-sized handbag since it usually comes in larger sizes. It is defined by a crescent shape for the purpose of being worn over the shoulder. This kind of handbag is usually used during trips to the mall or a cafe.

A woman knows that a single longchamp handbag outlet cannot be used for all her needs. That is why it is wise for a woman to have at least three different styles of handbag to be used in a variety of different situations, including formal occasions, travelling and going to work.
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